2020 could be more beautiful

we want to propose,
to cherish that what is already.

A way of showing that being creative holds value and connects each other.

We give the possibility to make each others creativity visible.

That is

A moment where everyone can light up the streets from the safe perimeters of their house.

21/11/2020 // 19:00-22:00
  1. Find something to light up your street* 💡

    📽 Projectors / (Beamer / Overhead / Dia's / …)
    📺 Screens (TV / Computer / Tablet / ...)
    🎄 Lights (Christmas lights / Candles / …)

    *Searching for a projector? Sent an quick email to and we will look what we can do for you.
  2. Pick a spot, so that your neighbours can also enjoy! 🚗

    🚪 Your window (Curtain / Paper / …)
    🏠 Your neighbours facade (Be kind, ask first!)
    🌳 Nature (Trees / cloude / …)
  3. Share it
    1. We want to know who wants to participate. Fill in the form and let us know who you are.
      Inschrijving BULP 2020
    2. Share your work, your project(or) or your front door setup on instagram #BULP2020 or sent it to or Nerdlab. We ill share it on our platforms.
    3. Send us a video couple days before the event or via Nerdlab. We will create an instagram-live with all video's.